Dhvani’s soulful ballad ‘Ek Tarfa’ out

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New Delhi, Sep 7 : Dhvani Bhanushali is out with her new single ‘Ek Tarfa’, a love ballad that will introduce fans to a whole new side of the pop sensation.

Released Wednesday on Hitz Music, the song is composed by Gaurav Chatterji with lyrics by Sandeep Gaur.

Presented by Vinod Bhanushali, ‘Ek Tarfa’ is a soulful, melancholic track, where Dhvani adds a certain vulnerability and softness with her vocals to the song on one-sided love.

Dhvani said in a statement, “Ek Tarfa is very different from the kind of songs I’ve done before. I really had to dig deep to bring that vulnerability and sadness to the vocals and to my performance in the music video. Ek Tarfa is an extremely special song and we made it a lot of love, and I hope my fans give it all the love.”

Gaurav said, “We kept the melody for this one really simple but melancholic. Ek Tarfa is a soulful ballad, and Sandeep’s lyrics combined with Dhvani’s vocals make such an impact with its simplicity.”

Sandeep said, “In Ek Tarfa, the lyrics drive the narrative of the track and music video. I’m confident they will resonate with people.”

Vinod added, “Ek Tarfa has been shot from a very modern- contemporary lens. It’s all about the emotions one feels after heartbreak and separation. Dhvani’ has definitely showcased a completely new side of her as an artist.”

‘Ek Tarfa’ is out now on Hitz Music.


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