Diplomat : Russian gas, oil to be in demand on global market for many years to come

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Moscow, Aug 24 : Russian gas and oil will be in demand on the global energy market for many years to come, the Russian Foreign Ministry’s Department of Economic Cooperation Director Dmitry Birichevsky said in an interview with Sputnik, commenting on the situation with Russian energy resources in light of the European Union’s initiative to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050.

“In general, according to experts’ forecasts, the demand for energy products will grow, taking into account the global economy recovery from the pandemic. Therefore, Russian natural gas and other fossil fuels will be in demand on the global market for many years to come, for decades to come,” Birichevsky said.
Natural gas is one of the cleanest types of fuel, and the world economy just cannot do without it, the diplomat assured. Oil will remain in demand as well, although volumes could change, Birichevsky continued.

“In general, the desire to make the global economy ‘greener’ and to move toward reducing carbon dioxide emissions is a long-term trend. We are aware of the plans announced by a number of countries, but we need to see to what extent these plans are realistic,” Birichevsky concluded.


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