Discharge of flooded water from Jayakwadi reduce

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Aurangabad, Aug 20 : Following the speed of incoming flooded water from upstream dams in Nashik and Ahmednagar district in to Jayakwadi one of the biggest dam 102 TMC dam in state ,authorities on Saturday reduce the discharging excess water from dam to downstream of river Godavari.

According to 0800 hours bulletin issued by the Command Area Development Authority (CADA) stated that ,presently 38991 cuses water per second admitting in the dam .

Hence ,the authorities has reduce the discharge of water by reducing the 18 opened doors hights from 4 feet to 1.5 feet and discharging wate 28,296 cuses per second .

Present the dam maintaining 93.75 percent stock with hight of 1520.86 feet and 463.558 in meter, they stated.

The District administration had already issued alerts in all the villages around bay of river and warned them to not to venture near by river.


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