Donald Trump : CNN wants its chief out

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Washington, Dec 19 : Former US President Donald Trump claims that CNN’s new owners (Discovery, which is expected to take over WarnerMedia) appear to want to change the network’s leadership.

“Word is that CNN and its new owners want Jeff Zucker out, not only because of the turmoil of Fredo Cuomo, the Don Lemon (‘the dumbest man on television’) escapades, and so much else, but primarily because his ratings have gone to an all-time low, and the so-called ‘network’ is rudderless. In any event, that’s great news for America,” Trump said on Saturday.

CNN president Jeff Zucker said in a memo on Saturday that the network was closing its offices to all nonessential employees amid a spike in coronavirus cases.

Earlier this month, anchor Chris Cuomo was fired by CNN over his role in helping defend his brother, former New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, as well as over allegations of sexual misconduct.

“Maybe CNN can be brought back to what it was in the good old days of the legendary Ted Turner. Jeff will always bomb, just as he did at NBC years before!” Trump said on Saturday.

Discovery is seeking to take over WarnerMedia, which owns CNN, HBO and the Warner Bros. studio, among others. AT&T announced the proposed $43 billion merger in May.


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