ED : Sukesh hounded Aditi’s family, checked their internet activity

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New Delhi, Dec 16 : An ED chargesheet filed against multimillionaire conman Sukesh Chandrashekhar and seven others has revealed that Aditi Singh — wife of businessman Shivinder Singh, had contemplated suicide on many occasion.

Chandrashekhar allegedly extorted Rs 200 crore from her and tortured her family.

This was the first chargesheet of ED filed before Additional Sessions Judge, Praveen Singh in the Rs 200 crore PMLA case. The court has taken cognisance of the chargesheet.

As per the chargesheet, Aditi Singh was tormented by Chandrashekhar which compelled her to think about suicide.

He did not stop there and went on to harass her entire family as well. Arundhati Khanna, Aditi Singh’s sister has mentioned in her statement that Sukesh used to call himself as “God”.

“He (she was pointing towards Sukesh) said to my sister that we won’t let you live and we won’t let you die. Due to all this Aditi contemplated suicide twice. When Aditi deleted the Telegram app, she was contacted on WhatsApp,” said Arundhati in her statement to ED.

Sukesh Chandrashekhar was so desperate that he used to call the family members of Aditi to know about her whereabouts. Udayaveer Singh, son of Aditi Singh, was allegedly “tortured” to know about Aditi’s location.

“He (Sukesh) was also scanning the net activities. He hounded me when my mother did not take his call. He used to enquire about her whereabouts,” reads Udayveer’s statement.

Rajshree, Aditi’s mother, also said that same thing in her statement given to ED that her family was stalked, hounded and tortured by Sukesh. In fact, Sukesh also called her to know the locations of Aditi.

Sikha Singh, the banker who was reportedly helping the family in diverting fund to Sukesh, also mentioned that Aditi contemplated suicide. According to the chargesheet, through Sikha, around Rs 100 crore was diverted to Sukesh.

The ED is currently further probing the matter. The agency is all set to file a supplementary chargesheet against Pinky Irani and others. Pinky was recently arrested by ED.


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