Education News Update : Faculty members mourn ‘demise’, ex-Patna Varsity VC says ‘I’m alive’

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Patna, June 4 : In a bizarre incident, some faculty members and employees of Patna University shared condolence messages on social media mourning the ‘demise of ex-Vice Chancellor Shambhunath Singh, who happens to be safe and healthy and currently residing in Delhi!

The entire goof-up started after a faculty member shared the (mis)information that Singh had ‘succumbed’ to Covid-19. Soon other faculty members and employees of the university started posting condolence messages on a WhatsApp group.

When another former VC of the university, Rash Bihari Singh, came to know about this, he called up Singh. To his surprise, Singh himself picked up the phone and said, “Abhi Main Jinda Hoon” (I am still alive).

“Someone circulated wrong information on social media without cross-checking with me. Many of my acquaintances have contacted me after they came across the misinformation. I appeal to everybody to cross-check facts before posting information on social media,” Singh said.


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