Eka.Care integrates with CoWIN for vaccination booking

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Bengaluru, June 17 : Eka.Care, a connected healthcare platform, has gone live with CoWIN-approved vaccination slot booking to help people get vaccinated in an efficient and orderly manner.

The ‘eka.care’ platform’s integration with CoWIN offers a bouquet of services including seamless slot booking, pre and post-vaccination tele-consultation. The users on eka.care platform can search for slots by location, type of vaccination, and cost to fit their needs, said a company statement.

Post-vaccination, users will also be able to download the certificate and receive a reminder for the second dose.

Last month, the government released new guidelines for the integration of CoWIN with third-party applications, easing the way for tech companies to offer Covid vaccine bookings. Eka.care is one of the first healthcare platforms approved by CoWIN to allow vaccination slot booking from their platform, the statement said.

Vikalp Sahni, Founder & CEO, Eka.Care, said: “While supporting the mission of our Prime Minister Narendra Modi to eradicate Covid from India, eka.care has come up with these innovative solutions which include, from health assessment to check for post-vaccine symptoms, connect with doctors and get free consultation 24×7 and secure vaccination documents in a virtual vault.”

“Eka.Care aims to provide a 360 degree Covid and post-vaccination care program to all its users in an effort to ensure timely help and overall wellness at no additional cost. The 24×7 free consultations, will help scores of people who otherwise are going through financial strain. Free reliable and trustworthy information dissemination by doctors is a boon in this era of misinformation on vaccination,” said Deepak Tuli, Co-founder & COO.


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