Fabrication Bazar raises over Rs 7 Cr

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Mumbai, Aug 4 : Fabrication Bazar, one of the leading manufacturing and engineering companies, said on Thursday that it has raised over Rs. 7 crore in a Seed Round led by Inflection Point Ventures.
The funds will be utilized towards expanding the team, technology enhancement and scaling the operations to the export market.

In the manufacturing sector, the company has developed and incorporated a cloud fabrication concept and an end-to-end tracking platform using its own unique technological platform, not only helping customers to place orders more easily, but also enabling better cost, quicker delivery and multilayer quality inspection.

In addition to exceptional delivery timelines and impeccable quality standards, the company’s vendor network has provided cost-effective solutions for projects worldwide. The company follows an asset-lite model and plans on expanding to the global market with a similar supply chain.

Fabrication Bazar follows the latest German standards for product design, development and manufacture, but offers alternative American and Indian standards based on end-user requirements, locations and applications.

It has supplied to over 300+ customers (some are large blue-chips, conglomerates and Fortune 500 companies) in domestic and international markets and have often had customers come back with larger ticket size repeat orders.

The company has grown 165 per cent in FY 22 with a confirmed order booking of Rs 130 crore for FY 23.

“We are empowering micro and small steel fabricators by driving the demand from large, process-driven corporates. The journey is challenging and turbulent,” says Dwaipayan Dutta, Founder and CEO of Fabrication Bazar.


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