Farmer Law : New farm laws to benefit farmers – Modi

Varanasi, Nov 30 : Prime Minister Narendra Modi, while hitting out at the opposition behind the ongoing stir of the farmers over the new farm laws, said the new agricultural laws have been brought in for benefit of the farmers but some were spreading confusion among the ‘Annadata”.

” The vested interest are not criticising our policy or new laws but they are apprehending that in future it could be problem. Such thing was done to confuse the farmers and done to make them suffer,” he said.

” There’s a new trend now, earlier decisions of govt were opposed, now rumours have become the basis for opposition. Propaganda is spread that although the decision is right, it can lead to other consequences, about things that haven’t happened or will never happen. Same is with farm laws,” PM said while adding that this is being done by people who have always been against farmers.

” I honestly say with the name of Ganga here, that we will see and experience benefits of these new laws in the coming days. We are concerned with the farmers future and have always taken steps for their benefit. New agricultural reforms have given farmers new options and legal protection,” he said.

Addressing a gathering at the Khajuri maidan, after inaugurating the 6-lane broadened Varanasi- Prayagraj highway here on Monday, the PM reiterated that,” the new Farm law doesn’t stop anyone who wishes to sell produce according to old system. Earlier, any sale outside Mandi was considered illegal and small farmers were cheated as they were not able to reach Mandi. Farmers now are protected by law against cheating and fraud.”

However, the PM said the government is ready to talk with the farmers and to answer their queries.” If farmers want to follow the old norms then who is stopping them? We have not stopped them from following them in the new laws,” he said.

” Some states have refused to implement our new law and even the schemes to benefit the farmers like the Kisan Samman Nidhi. This thing were denying the farmers their right and benefit. We will implement it when we come to power in these states,” he announced.

He said farmers are being empowered by giving them options for a bigger market. Reforms are being done in the interest of farmers, which will give them more options. ” Shouldn’t a farmer get freedom to sell his produce directly to those who give them better prices and facilities,” he questioned.

Mr Modi claimed that the promise of giving 1.5 times more MSP to farmers as per Swaminathan Commission was fulfilled. This promise was not only fulfilled on paper, but has reached the bank account of the farmers, he added.

Hitting out at the previous governments particularly of the Congress without taking any names, he said earlier, loan waiver packages used to be announced but the benefits of such schemes never used to reach the farmer.” They too have admitted that if Re one is sent to the villages , only 15 paise reach there,” he said.

On the occasion, the PM claimed that his government have purchased more grains and pulses on MSP as compared to what it was being bought before 2014.” “ We have purchased Rs 49,000 crores of pulses on MSP in our regime when it was just Rs 650 crores done by our predecessors in the five years before us. Similarly they purchased paddy of Rs 2 lakh crore we purchased Rs 5 lakh crore while they purchased Rs 1.5 lakh crore of wheat while we purchased Rs 3 lakh crore .”


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