Farmers’ movement enters day 22; SC’s suggestion for committee moral victory for farmers: AIKSCC

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New Delhi, Dec 17 : As farmers’ movement entered day 22, All India Kisan Sangharsh Coordination Committee (AIKSCC) on Thursday said that the benefit of the committee advised by the Supreme Court will only reach the farmers once the three laws are repealed and that the court’s suggestion is a moral victory for the protestors.

AIKSCC, after the hearing of this matter in the court, in its reaction said that the agitation will continue till the three new agri laws and Electricity Law 2020 are repealed.

The farmer’s organisation claimed that what the PM telling the people that the farmers’ land will not ultimately go away and MSP will continue, is not true and is just to divert the attention.

Citing the example of Cooperative Government Societies for Milk Production, the AIKSCC said that the government societies encouraged and increased the milk production, whereas, the private companies have destroyed the same.

AIKSCC added that the court’s suggestion regarding the committee is the moral victory of the farmers and the farmers have always been ready to give their suggestions. However, if even any committee gets constituted still the agitation will continue till the three laws and the Electricity Act are repealed.

The committee will only be successful if it is made after repealing the new laws and has effective

representation by the representatives from the national and regional level farmer organisations/unions.

AIKSCC further said the PM is continuously repeating the same old narrative that opposition is misleading the farmers and accused Mr Narendra Modi of misleading the country.

The PM, it said, has repeated his earlier clarification over the laws saying that the farmers land will remain safe, the MSP will continue, the new laws will open new opportunities for farmers, however, the government’s steps prove to be otherwise, AIKSCC claimed.

The farmer’s body further said that the claims made by the PM are not true regarding the promotion of milk production done by the private sector, and , rather added that it was because of the government supported societies that helped increase the production and after coming of the private sector the price of milk took a hit.

The Working Group of AIKSCC has decided to observe the tribute day of 30 people from Punjab and Haryana who were martyred in this movement, across every village from 1100hrs to 1300hrs on December 20.

Meanwhile, the agitation continues to intensify with farmers’ presence increasing at the Singhu , Tikri, Shahjahapur and Palwal.

A large number of people are expected to join at Gazipur where the farmers from UP are sitting in, while ,

1,000 people from Ekta Parishad, Maharashtra will reach Palwal and 100 people from Gujarat join the agitation in Shahjahapur.


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