Fiery crash in N Mexico leaves 26 dead

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Mexico City, May 15 : At least 26 people have died in a fiery road accident involving a cargo van and a trailer in the state of Tamaulipas in northern Mexico, local media reported on Monday.

The van with people inside collided with the trailer on Sunday morning, causing a fire at the scene of the accident. Regional guards arrived at the crash site, but they did not find a tractor that allegedly transported the burnt trailer. On that day, the state police said that at least 13 people had died and many others had been injured in the collision.

However, the death toll rose to 26 as of Monday, Mexican newspaper La Razon reported, citing the local police.

Information about the total number of the passengers in the van and the number of survivors is not provided.

The state authorities are investigating the cause of the accident, the report said.

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