Fino Payments Bank receives RBI approval for cross-border remittances

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Bengaluru, Jan 3 : Fino Payments Bank has received the RBI approval for commencing International Remittance business under the Money Transfer Service Scheme (MTSS).

The Bank will be undertaking inward cross-border money transfer activities in association with an Overseas Principal, the details of which are being worked out.

According to a recent World Bank release in November 2021, India is expected to be the largest recipient of remittances globally in 2021 with expected receipt of USD 87 billion.

This is expected to grow by 3 percent in 2022 to USD 89.6 billion as a large number of workers are expected to return to the gulf countries, Fino Payments Bank CEO Ashish Ahuja said.

The customer segment of Fino Bank at the middle of the pyramid is targeted to families of many of the people working in foreign countries, he said.

The money remitted by family members abroad can now be directly withdrawn at the nearest micro-ATM or Aadhaar-Enabled Payment Services (AEPS) enabled Fino Bank’s neighborhood merchant point, Ahuja said.

“We will be ready to offer the inward remittance services to our customers by Q1 FY23. In sync with our digital strategy to enhance customer experience, we will also look at having this product on our mobile application as well,” he added.

Fino merchants provide services such as new account opening, cash deposit, money transfer, cash withdrawal via micro-ATMs or AEPS mechanisms, and collect cash on behalf of various institutional clients among others, Ahuja said.

As a new offering International Remittance will help augment income of merchants and the Bank leading to strengthening of Fino’s robust distribution network, he said.

“There is a major inward remittance corridor in states like Gujarat, Punjab, Kerala, Uttar Pradesh and Bihar. We already have scaled up our merchant presence in all these geographies. We are therefore confident that the new offering will gain traction very quickly. We also expect to shore up more subscription based saving accounts due to this initiative as customers would prefer to park the remitted money in a Fino Bank account itself,” he said.

Going forward, Fino Bank will be open to partnering with more leading money transfer operators (MTOs) to widen its horizon across different countries, Ahuja said.

The Bank also has plans to commence outward remittance services soon, he said. “Fino Bank’s network of over 8 lakh merchants across the country, as of 30th September 2021, provide immense convenience to access domestic as well as cross border remittances,” he added.

In addition to International Remittance, the Bank has in the pipeline various cross sell offerings like mutual funds, loans, fixed deposits and others that are expected to contribute to its bottom line as part of its strategic vision of FY23 and beyond, Ahuja said.


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