Former Baloch CM warns Pak PM against use of force on Gwadar protesters

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Balochistan, Dec 5 : Pakistan’s National Party (NP) president Abdul Malik Baloch extended support to people in Gwadar, who have been protesting for past several days, and said the demands of protesters are legitimate and should be accepted by Prime Minister Imran Khan-led government.

The people of port city Gwadar in Pakistan have been protesting against unnecessary check posts, the acute shortage of water and electricity and threats to livelihood from illegal fishing.

Hundreds of children of Balochistan joined the protests in Gwadar city against the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor project and bottom trawling method of fishing that is destroying the waterbeds.

Children participating in the protests were demanding teachers in schools, a drug free Gwadar, better healthcare, and respect for their parents.

While addressing a NP workers convention in Quetta, Baloch said the dispute should be resolved through dialogue, while warning the government not to use force against the protesters as they are demanding their basic human rights, The Friday Times reported.

He also alleged that the ‘Thappa mafai’ had installed puppet rulers in the 2018 elections and they are now engaged in massive corruption, which is affecting the Pak-Iran border area.

The elected representatives were not considered legitimate by the public, he added.


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