FROM THE FIELD: Reindeers, murals, and the life-saving work of the UN

#item_description], A Mongolian child jumps for joy next to the family reindeer, a young boy in Afghanistan receives a polio vaccine in the shadow of a wrecked military vehicle; just two photographs from United Nations staff around the world, highlighting the incredible diversity of humankind and the life-saving work of the UN.

UNICEF Afghanistan/Celeste Hibbe
A UN-supported polio worker in Afghanistan administers a polio vaccine to a young child.

Seventy-five images were chosen as part of the “Shaping our Future Together” exhibition, to mark the organization’s 75th anniversary and to showcase how staff across the UN, are working to build a better future alongside the people they serve.

UN Nairobi/Duncan Moore
Kenyan street artist Msale completes an informational COVID-19 mural at a community centre in the capital Nairobi.

The photographs focus on the global range of UN activities including peace and security, human rights, humanitarian aid, sustainable development and international law.

See the online exhibition for yourself, here.


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