FROM THE FIELD: Syrian photographers find hope despite 10 years of civil war

#item_description], The pain and deprivation of individual Syrians and the widespread destruction, a decade of conflict has wrought on Syria, has been documented in a series of images taken by 17 photographers working in the country.

Hundreds of thousands of people have died, and 12 million have fled their homes – half as refugees – as the 10-year-long civil war stretches into another decade.

Some 12 million people have been made homeless during the 10-year-long civil war in Syria. © UNOCHA/Mohannad Zayat

The UN humanitarian affairs agency, OCHA, says that “the scale, severity and complexity of humanitarian needs remain extensive”, with over 11 million people in need of assistance inside the country.

The images in the collective exhibition have been personally selected and interpreted by the individual photographers, who depict the cost of the crisis but also the resilience of their Syrian compatriots.

See their work here.


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