Fuel Price Update : After Centre, UP reduces VAT on petrol, diesel

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Lucknow, Nov 4 : A day after the Centre’s announced its decision to slash excise duty on petrol and diesel, Uttar Pradesh government reduced its VAT on petrol and diesel.

The government announced its decision late night on Wednesday. With this, both petrol and diesel gets cheaper by Rs 12 in the state from Thursday.

UP is the first state to reduce its VAT on petrol and diesel after Centre’s tax reduction.

According to officials, the price of petrol has come down to Rs 94.96 per litre from Rs 106.96 and the price of diesel has come down to Rs 86.91 per litre from Rs 98.91.

They said UP has reduced Rs 7 per litre on petrol and Rs 2 per litre on diesel after the Centre slashed Rs 5 on petrol and Rs 10 on diesel.

Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath had, recently, held a few meetings to discuss the possibility of reducing VAT on fuel.

After cutting down the tax on petrol and diesel, Centre had asked the states to reduce the VAT to give more benefit to the people.


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