Gadchiroli encounter : Slain Naxals identified

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Gadchiroli, May 23 : All 13 Naxalites killed in Paidi forest in Etapalli tehsil of Maharashtra’s Gadchiroli district on Friday, have been identified, the police said Sunday.

According to a statement issued by the police, the identification was made by surrendered Naxalites.

Many of these Naxals were senior cadres of the Kasansur Dalam and were carrying rewards a total of Rs 60 lakh on their heads by the government.

The slain Naxalites have been identified as Nandini alias Prembatti Madavi, Area Committee Member (ACM), Kasansur LOS, (carrying rewards of Rs 6 lakh on her head). Satish alias Adwe Mohanda, Divisional Area Committee Member (DACM), Company-4 (Rs 16 lakh). Kishor alias Shiva Gawde, Party Member (PM), Company-4 (Rs 4 lakh), Rupesh alias Linga Gawde, Deputy Commander, Kasansur LOS(Rs 6 lakh) , Sewanti Hedo, Party Member , Kasansur LOS (Rs 2 lakh), Kishor Holi, Jan Militia, Paidi area (Rs 2 lakh), Kranti alias Maina Mattami, Party Member, Kasansur LOS (Rs 2 lakh), Guni alias Bukli Hichami, Platoon Company Member(PCM), Company-4 (Rs 4 lakh), Rajni Odi, Party Member, Kasansur LOS(Rs 2 lakh), Umesh Parsa, Area Committee Member (ACM), Kasansur LOS (Rs 6 lakh), Saguna alias Vasanti Narote, Party Member, Chatgaon Dalam (Rs 2 lakh) , Somri alias Sunita Naitam, member, Kasansur LOS(Rs 6 lakh) and Rohit alias Manesh Karami, Party Member, Kasansur LOS (Rs 2 lakh), the release said.

Serious offences like murder, arson, encounters etc have been registered against these Naxals in different police stations, the release added.


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