Google says may cut off Australia from search engine over new media bargaining code

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MOSCOW, January 22 : Google on Friday said that it would pull its search engine from Australia if the proposed mandatory bargaining code for digital platforms is adopted in the country.

In December, the Australian government introduced to the parliament the code that would address alleged disparity in the bargaining process between news media and digital platforms.

“If this version of the code were to become law, it would give us no real choice but to stop making Google Search available in Australia,” Melanie Silva, the Google managing director for Australia and New Zealand, said during a hearing at an Australian upper house committee hearing, broadcast by media.

In response, Prime Minister Scott Morrison said that the government would not respond to what he described as “threats.”

Meanwhile, Facebook reiterated its previous warning that it may start blocking news content on the social network’s Australian site over the new code.
In April, the Australian government tasked the Australian Competition & Consumer Commission to come up with a code of conduct to address the issue.


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