Hathras Cases : UP govt acting in dictatorial manner, alleges Congress

New Delhi, Oct 7 : The Congress on Wednesday accused the Uttar Pradesh government of dealing in a dictatorial manner, after four people, including a journalist from Kerala, who were trying to reach Hathras, were booked under sedition charges.

Speaking to the media, Congress leader Abhishek Manu SInghvi said the government enforced clamp down in that area on the victims, not allowing them to reach out, and added quoting journalists guild that the high-powered journalists body has also said that the government virtually stopped all access to the journalists also.

Mr Singhvi said that no other government in the state has done this in the past. Such charges have been invoked after the Hathras incident.

”I know of no law by which you can deny me access to the victims, incidentally we have in this country 19 (D), a constitutional right to free movement. It can be subjected to restrictions, but, not the restrictions of law, if I want to go and sympathies or meet victims of terrible violence like murder and rape.

”I don’t understand, I have never seen people denying access and keeping even the house inside the jail,” Mr Singhvi said questioning Yogi government’s not giving access to the victim’s family in the Hathras matter.

Mr Singhvi also hit out at UP CM, saying that all this was a conspiracy to bring down the government.


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