Hockey Update : AHF to organise another set of workshops for Hockey India officials

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New Delhi, Feb 4 : The Asian Hockey Federation (AHF) will conduct another set of online education workshops exclusively for the Hockey India coaches, umpires and technical officials this month. A group of 12-30 coaches, umpires and technical officials will be attending five AHF online education workshops.

Aimed at providing technical expertise and knowledge on various aspects of attacking and defending dynamics for coaches and rules and regulations for technical officials, these online education workshops will be conducted free of cost, consisting of a three to four hours’ sessions each.

“The coaches, umpires and technical officials form the bedrock of any sport and therefore we are tremendously grateful for the efforts taken by the Asian Hockey Federation to help them grow and evolve through the AHF Online Education Workshops every month,” said Hockey India president Gyanendro Ningombam.

“With the resumption of sports resuming at various levels across India, we have been able to see the coaches, umpires and technical officials apply their learnings on the ground as well. We are hopeful that these courses will pave the way forward for many upcoming talents in India and help them develop a strong and lasting career in hockey,” he added.

Along with the online workshops exclusively for Hockey India, the AHF will organise another set of workshops for all Asian hockey-playing nations in February. Hockey India has nominated a maximum of six candidates for each of these education workshops.

AHF chief executive and chairman FIH Development and Education Committee Dato Tayyab Ikram said: “We hope that we keep working with enthusiastic candidates every month and as a result, the game of hockey will be able to grow at a very fast pace in India and in Asia. It is really endearing to see the number of candidates for each of these sessions which means there’s so much more talent available to be groomed & developed across Asia.”

Schedule of workshops

  1. AHF-HI Technical Officials’ Workshop: Roles & Responsibilities, Feb 5
  2. AHF-HI Umpiring Workshop: FIH Umpires’ Briefing, Feb 6
  3. AHF-HI Coaching Workshop: Different Pressing Dynamics, Feb 7
  4. AHF-HI Technical Officials’ Workshop: Rules & Regulations, Feb 13
  5. AHF-HI Coaching Workshop: Turnovers – Attacking and Defending Dynamics, Feb 21


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