Hollywood : Cinderella’ director opens up on casting Pierce Brosnan, Minnie Driver

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New Delhi, Aug 28 : Director Kay Cannon is all set to release her Hollywood film ‘Cinderella’, which will have actors Pierce Brosnan and Minnie Driver playing the role of King Rowan and queen Beatrice. Kay feels both the actors fit perfectly for the part.

Referring to Pierce’s famous stint as James Bond in a spy thriller franchise, Jay says: “Pierce Brosnan is, after all, Bond…James Bond.”

She adds: “He’s incredibly charming and has a gravitas and wit that give the King some interesting layers. I loved that he was always open to making fun of himself, especially his singing.”

For the role of queen, Kay feels lucky to have an actress of Minnie’s caliber.

“She has a great singing voice, a dry wit and sharp improve skills. She also hit the dramatic moments and made them land with a stinging ferocity,” she says.

The trailer of ‘Cinderella’ showed the audience a glimpse of a world where the princess is no longer longing for her Prince Charming to rescue her. This time the story of Cinderella shows her chasing her big dreams and breaking the shackles of traditions. The role of prince is played by actress-singer Camila Cabello.

Besides them, the film will also have actors Idina Menzel, Nicholas Galitzine and Billy Porter.

‘Cinderella’ will release on Amazon Prime Video, this September 3


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