Hollywood News Update : Ellie Goulding used hubby Casper Jopling’s coat to hide pregnancy

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London, March 1 : Singer Ellie Goulding reveals she used her husband Casper Jopling’s coat to hide her pregnancy for the first six months, to keep the news private.

Chatting on a British cookery chat show, Ellie was asked how her pregnancy is going and how she hid it.”It’s different. I stole my husband’s coat for about six months, the soon-to-be mother revealed, according to dailymail.co.uk

The singer, who is currently eight months pregnant added that lockdown helped the couple keep the pregnancy a secret.

“But that was really just in the shops, I didn’t go anywhere else. Out on walks, I just kept it covered up. It wasn’t really that hard, though, because of lockdown, I haven’t really seen anyone,” she said.


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