Hollywood News Update : Priya Banerjee took baking classes for ‘Bekaaboo 2’

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Mumbai, March 25 : Actress Priya Banerjee took special classes to master the art of baking for her series ‘Bekaaboo 2’.

The actress plays the role of Kashti who owns a cupcake shop in the show.

“Baking is extremely therapeutic, so when the role required some baking skills, I decided to stop with the procrastination and get up and do it,” she says.

Priya adds that she was very inspired by looking at the work of bakers and chefs during the lockdown.

“Due to the lockdown, I was already very inspired by all the bakers and chefs out there. I just needed that tiny push that came in the form of the role of Kashti in Bekaaboo 2. I finally put my foot down and said it was time and enrolled in a couple of classes, and got myself a couple of cookbooks to help the process along,” she says.

The actress enjoyed the process of learning to the extent that she even invested in baking equipment.

“My dedication to the art grew so much, I even started investing in baking equipment. Baking has now become such an important part of my life. I am so glad Bekaaboo 2 happened for me,” she says.

The series also features Subha Rajput, Taher Shabbir, Poulomi Das, Taha Shah Badussha, Smaran Sahu and Tusharr Khanna. It streams on AltBalaji.


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