Human blood stains found in Atiq Ahmed’s office, confirms forensic report

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Prayagraj, April 27 : In a shocking development, the forensic examination report has confirmed that the blood stains found in the partially demolished office of gangster Atiq Ahmed in Uttar Pradesh’s Prayagraj district was human blood, police said.

The report was handed over to the Special Investigation Team late on Wednesday night.

The blood stains and a blood smeared knife was found inside the office in Chakia on Monday after which the forensic team was called in to take the samples.

Police sources said that investigations had revealed that the demolished and abandoned building was being frequented by some local drug addicts.

The police have detained some of the addicts for interrogation and some of them had injuries.

The development follows days after Atiq Ahmed and his brother Ashraf were shot dead by three men while they were being taken for medical examination in Prayagraj by a police team. The two brothers were in police custody and the entire shooting was captured live on camera.


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