Imran advises supporters to remain peaceful even if he’s arrested

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Islamabad, May 23 : Former Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan has advised his supporters to remain peaceful even if he is arrested by the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) on Tuesday.

“I urge people to remain peaceful because if you get violent, they will get a chance for a crackdown again. We have to always protest peacefully,” Dawn news quoted Khan as saying.

The Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) chairman claimed the chances of his arrest were “high” even though he had secured bail in all cases.

“I have all the bails required but the situation is such that they can arrest me again,” he claimed.

The former premier, however, said peaceful protest was a fundamental right and nobody could stop people from organising a non-violent demonstration even outside the General Headquarters, Dawn reported.

He claimed that his party had made many efforts to initiate dialogue with the government, but they were not interested in elections.

“We made our team for negotiations, but they put our leaders behind bars. This means that it is pre-planned so that dialogue doesn’t bear fruit.”

The PTI chairman reiterated that he had no quarrel with the military. “But I have heard that there are differences from the other side, apparently, they have something against me. But I don’t know what that is, they would know better.”

According to Khan, the caretaker government of Punjab is a “proxy” of the Pakistan Democratic Movement and establishment, Dawn reported.

“When I get a chance, I will lodge cases against them and IGs. They can do whatever they want but they will have to refer to jails.”

Khan also blasted the “fascist government” and said the PDM government’s ongoing crackdown against the PTI and unlawful detention of party leaders, workers and supporters was a clear replica of Hitler’s policy, who used arson as a pretext to crush his political opponents.


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