Industrial starch, chemical grade citric acid used for making fasting snacks in Gujarat

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Rajkot, Aug 8 : After unearthing the use of industrial alcohol in the illicit liquor manufacturing, the Rajkot Municipal Corporation (RMC) health officers have detected another scam. Industrial grade maize starch and chemical grade citric acid were being used for making snacks for devotees fasting in the holy month Shravan.

The RMC’s senior food safety officer Amit Panchal and his team carried out a food inspection at a production unit of Samarpan Charitable trust. To their surprise they found a maize starch bag with clear notice ‘Only for Industrial Use’, it was used in making “Kachori”, that is eaten by fasting devotees on Monday and Gokul ashtami.

Panchal said even chemical graded citric acid packets were found, which were used for making fasting snacks and have been sent for tests. The snacks were fried in burned oil, the total polar compounds (TPC) value of which was 25 plus. This is considered to be unsafe for human consumption.

The corporation will file a case against the trustees under the Food Safety Act.

The Health Officer Dr. Jayesh Vakani said that Industrial Starch can cause multiple health issues that begin with constipation since the industrial starch cannot be digested and gets stuck in the intestine. In the long run it can lead to chronic complications.


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