International News Update : India, Japan to create resilient supply chain to overcome Covid challenges

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New Delhi, Apr 26 : Prime Minister Narendra Modi had a phone call on Monday with his Japanese counterpart Yoshihide Suga and discussed the COVID-19 situation in their respective country.

The two prime ministers also exchanged views on various regional and global challenges posed by the pandemic.

They highlighted the importance of close India-Japan cooperation to overcome these challenges, such as by working together to create resilient, diversified and trustworthy supply chains, ensuring reliable supply of critical materials and technologies, and developing new partnerships in manufacturing and skill development.

In this context, the two leaders emphasized the need for early operationalization of the Specified Skilled workers (SSW) agreement to synergize their strengths and achieve mutually beneficial outcomes.

They also highlighted the Mumbai-Ahmedabad High Speed Rail (MAHSR) project as a shining example of their cooperation and welcomed the steady progress in its execution.

The two leaders appreciated the support and facilitation provided to resident citizens in each other’s country during the COVID-19 pandemic, and agreed to continue such coordination.

Prime Minister Modi also thanked Prime Minister Suga for providing assistance to India for combating the pandemic.

He also expressed hope that he would be able to receive Prime Minister Suga in India at the earliest in the near future once the COVID-19 situation stabilizes.


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