International News Update : Israeli President asks Netanyahu to form govt

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Tel Aviv, Apr 6 : Israel’s President Reuven Rivlin on Tuesday asked Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to make the first attempt to form a government after parliamentary elections in March.

“I am under the impression that none of the candidates have a chance to form a coalition,” Rivlin said during a live broadcast.

According to Jerusalem post, Rivlin signed a letter of appointment, giving Netanyahu 28 days to form a government. Notably, he did not invite Netanyahu to his office to receive the mandate.

“Given the situation where none of the candidates has the support of the majority — 61 Knesset members, and without additional considerations indicating the candidates’ chances to form a government, I came to a decision based on the number of recommendations that lawmaker Benjamin Netanyahu has a slightly better chance of forming a government … Accordingly, I decided to instruct him to do it,” the president said.


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