International News Update : Syria, Russia discuss ways to mitigate sanctions’ impact

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Damascus, April 9 : Syrian President Bashar al-Assad discussed ways to mitigate the impact of the Western sanctions on the country with Alexander Lavrentiev, Russia’s special representative for Damascus.

The two sides on Thursday expressed their determination to intensify the efforts to overcome the difficulties caused by the policies of some Western countries against Syria and ease the impact of the “unjust” sanctions, the state news agency SANA reported.

Lavrentiev reaffirmed his country’s support for Syria’s sovereignty and territorial integrity, and rejection of any step or measure that violates Syrian sovereignty or affects the efforts aiming to end the war on Syria, Xinhua news agency reported citing SANA as saying.

They also discussed the meetings of the Syrian Constitutional Committee, which is drafting the Syrian constitution, and the pressures exerted by the US and some other Western states to obstruct the work of the committee.

The two sides also affirmed that any progress in the political track requires a commitment to the basic principles such as combating terrorism and protecting the territorial integrity of Syria, the SANA report added.


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