International Update : Conflicts displace 18,000 Afghan families in a month

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Kabul, Jan 10 : Afghan government figures have revealed that at least 18,000 families have been displaced due to conflicts in six provinces over the last month.

In a statement on Saturday, the State Ministry for Disaster Management said if the current level of violence prevail, aid agencies will not be able to reach vulnerable families in insecure regions, reports TOLO News.

The provinces are Baghlan, Kunduz, Farah, Herat, Ghor and Uruzgan.

Nearly 45,000 families were displaced during the last year, according to the Ministry.

“If the situation worsens and violence continues, there will be serious challenges in way of relief and rescue efforts,” Ministry spokesman Ahmad Tamim Azimi was quoted as saying.

According to the Ministry, there is the possibility that another 25,000 families will be displaced due to conflicts.

Officials added that 100 displaced people are living in a shelter at a school in the city of Kunduz.


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