International Update : UNSC encourages more active engagement against terrorism

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United Nations, Dec 30 : The UN Security Council has adopted a resolution encouraging member states to engage more actively to oversee sanctions on individuals and groups related to the Islamic State and Al Qaeda terror groups.

Unanimously adopting Resolution 2560 on Tuesday, the 15-member Council encouraged states to more actively submit to the committee listing requests of individuals, groups, undertakings and entities that meet criteria laid out in Resolution 2368, so as to keep the IS and Al Qaeda Sanctions List reliable and up to date, reports Xinhua news agency.

It also requested an analytical support and sanctions monitoring team to study the exemption procedures set out in Resolution 2368 and make recommendations to the committee within nine months on whether an exemptions update is required.

Jerry Matjila, permanent representative of South Africa to the UN and president of the Security Council for the month of December, spoke briefly in his nation’s capacity after the adoption, thanking Council members for their unity and peacekeepers around the globe for their service in a tumultuous year.

Security Council resolutions are currently adopted through a written procedure vote under temporary, extraordinary and provisional measures implemented in response to the Covid-9 pandemic.


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