ISKCON chief : Sheikh Hasina must give security to Bangladeshi Hindus

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Dhaka, Oct 25 : ISKCON Bangladesh chief Charu Chanda Das Brammachari has slammed the Bangladesh government over attacks on Hindus and demanded Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina to provide security to the minority community here.

Das told UNI on Sunday, “During the tenure of this government (Sheikh Hasina), properties of Hindus were seized. Houses were set on fire in Kotalipara of Gopalganj, Barisal and Rangpur districts in Bangladesh.

“I do not hesitate to say that despite Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina being the MP of Kotalipara constituency Hindus have been attacked here.”

The ISKON chief further said, “I have demanded Sheikh Hasina’s government to provide security for us. The damaged temples also need to be repaired.”

He pointed out that the oppression on Hindus has been going on not only during the tenure of Hasina-led government but also during previous governments.

“There have been instances where the accused have been arrested but then coming out due to loopholes in law. They then start taking revenge.”

On the Cumilla incident, he said, “I have doubts whether the accused, arrested in connection with the Cumilla incident, is even guilty or not.

“We had organised human chain on behalf of Bangladesh Hindu Buddhist Christian Unity Parishad at Shahbag in Dhaka where I mentioned my concerns on the Cumilla incident.”

Charu Chanda said, “The Cumilla incident was pre-planned. The law enforcement agencies have shown their complete failure. Did the detectives of Sheikh Hasina’s government not know the matter beforehand? I think the government’s intelligence has shown its complete failure.

“I can’t say whether this incident was political or not. But I am demanding punishment of the culprits.”

He said, there is an opinion among the people of Bangladesh that Hindu means Awami League. “I am opposing it. The notion that Hindu community will be supporters of Awami League is not correct.”

“Several members of ruling Awami League are looting the properties of Hindus. The Awami League is now more dangerous than in the past. It’s hard for us to believe it,” Charu Chanda added.


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