Israel may attack Iran if Uranium enrichment level exceeds 60 pc – Reports

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Jerusalem, Mar 23 : The Israeli government has told the United States and a number of European countries that it could launch a military strike on Iran if Tehran exceeds the level of uranium enrichment of 60%, the Axios news portal reported on Wednesday, citing a senior Israeli official.

Israel does not want to set 90% enrichment as a “red line” because Iran will probably start enriching and stockpiling uranium at a level slightly below that needed to produce a nuclear weapon, the report noted.

“The Iranians totally internalized our position and they know what our [red] line is,” the official said, as quoted by the portal.

The report added, citing Israeli officials, that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu asked US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin to expedite the delivery of Boeing KC-46 refueling and strategic military transport aircraft, which were purchased by Tel Aviv last year, to prepare for possible military action against Iran.

Israel wants to receive at least one aircraft by the end of 2024, the report noted. However, Austin told Netanyahu that it would be difficult for Washington to speed up deliveries because of US military needs, the officials added.


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