ISRO : First hot test of SDM of Gaganyaan Service Module Propulsion system successful

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Chennai, Aug 29 : The first hot test of System Demonstration Model (SDM) of the Gaganyaan Service Module Propulsion System was conducted successfully, according to Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO).

The first hot test was successfully conducted yesterday for a duration of 450 seconds at the test facility of ISRO Propulsion Complex (IPRC), Mahendragiri in Tamil Nadu.

The system performance met the test objectives and there was a close match with the pre-test predictions. Further, a series of hot tests are planned to simulate various mission conditions as well as off-nominal conditions, ISRO said in an update.

The Service Module is part of the Gaganyaan Orbital module and is located below the crew module and remains connected to it until re-entry. The Service Module (SM) Propulsion System consists of a unified bipropellant system consisting of five nos. of 440 N thrust engines and 16 nos. of 100 N Reaction Control system (RCS) thrusters with MON-3 and MMH as Oxidizer and Fuel respectively.

The SDM, consisting of 5 nos. of 440 N engines and 8 nos. of 100 N thrusters, was realized to qualify the propulsion system performance in ground. A new test facility is established at IPRC, Mahendragiri for testing SDM, ISRO said.


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