ISRO hands over first FTS to Agnikul Cosmos

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Chennai, Nov 11 : Space technology startup Agnikul

Cosmos has received its first Flight Termination System

(FTS) from the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO),

with the support of IN-SPACe.

The FTS will be fitted into Agnikul’s launch vehicle “Agnibaan”.

The FTS was handed over to Agnikul Cosmos on November 7

after multiple rounds of interactions about interfacing, handling

and using these systems on Agnikul’s launch vehicle “Agnibaan”.

It was handed over in the presence of Director, VSSC and

IN-SPACe teams”, ISRO said today.

This also marks the first time that a system that has been

used for ISRO’s vehicles, is being supplied for supporting

a private launch vehicle built in India.

ISRO said the package will be used for their fully controlled

sub-orbital launcher, scheduled to launch from SDSC SHAR,


FTS is a self-destruction mechanism fitted in a rocket, which

would be activated from the ground in the event of the launch

vehicle deviating from its trajectory.

It may be recalled that ISRO had in 2006, destroyed its GSLV

rocket, carrying the 2,168 kg Communication Satellite Insat-4C,

after it veered off its trajectory to avoid the risk of the vehicle

and debris falling in areas inhabited by people.

It was for the first time ISRO had aborted the mission mid air

when the Range Safety Officer ahd to press the destroyer button.


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