Jagat Prakash Nadda : Party workers need to make people aware about developmental schemes of Modi Govt

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Shimla, Nov 26 : BJP National president Jagat Prakash Nadda while addressing party state executive meeting appealed to the party workers to educate the masses about the various developmental schemes started by the party in the state.

Nadda who was addressing party state executive meeting at Peterhof virtually from north east India said that BJP is a lone cadre based party in the country which was not being governed by any single man or family.

Lashing out at other parties Nadda said that all political parties either revolve around a family or a person including the Indian National Congress and PDP of Jammu and Kashmir, BJP’s political adversaries in Uttar Pradesh and in south India.

He added that it is only the BJP where a common man like Jai Ram Thakur coming from no political ground could become CM, Suresh Kashayap could be president of the state unit of the party and he himself also not belonging to a non political family could become the national president.

“It is not BJP culture that one came to public life to have a chair or occupy coveted post, but we came here to change the picture of the nation at large. Party believes in the principle of Integeral humanism, happiness of every being. Former Rajasthan party CM Bharav Singh Shekhawat came up with the new concept of Antyodaya to provide food for everyone. This was further propagated by the former BJP CMs like Shanta Kumar and Kalyan Singh government in the eighties and nineties of 20th centuries.”

Reacting to the party brainstorming session of the debacle in the bye elections the BJP leader said that they have to introspect what they are doing or test their strength and capabilities while sitting together.

He said that party strength has increased to 7792 booths panna pramukh in the state as the state has members in around 10400 booths including eight lakh booths in the country.

Organisation has done good work, Pana committee has done a commendable job, in the state vistar and e-vistar yojana is doing good work in Himachal as it became the model state for the party in the country.

The victory and loss goes together sometime there are set back or you would be elated by victory, the double engine government in Himachal, party workers should propagate this minutely among the people that party has a double engine for the development and members of the Working committee should also carry this message among lakhs of party cadres down to last person, he said.

BJP president took the credit for the Kold dam and Atal tunnel project and said that it was prime minister Atal Bihari Vajapyee who laid the foundation stone for these projects when Modi came in power in 2014 he dedicated both the project to the people in 2021. He said that Luhri power project, Dhaulsidh power projects are under construction.

The Modi government is doing every effort to bring the benefits of development to this hill state as it provided a special grant to Rs 533 cr in 2020-21 and Rs 400 cr in 2019-29. The state also got soft loans during the BJP Government.

There was a time when the Railway health and Education budget was very low. Nine districts of Himachal were added to the universal water mission ‘Harjal Ghar’ which include Lahaul Spiti district.

Longest eight kilometer ropeway Rs 450 cr scheme in the state have been given FCA clearance and environment clearances would be obtained shortly.

Taking credit for announcing AIIMS at Bilaspur, health minister Mr Nadda said that a grand building is coming up in his home district. Party president said that he is coming to Bilaspur to inspect the progress of AIIMS construction along with the Union Health Minister on Dec 5. The OPD would be dedicated on the same day, he added.

Now four medical colleges are coming up in the state, ESI Medical college became functional in Mandi, six trauma centres are coming up in the state. Four lane work is going with great speed, Chandigarh- Shimla and Sawarghat to Mandi, he added.


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