Jagjit Singh : Papon revisits Jagjit Singh

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Mumbai, July 5 : Singer-composer Papon pays tribute to Jagjit Singh with a re-composition of the classic song “Aaye hain samjhane log”, sung by late ghazal maestro and his wife Chitra Singh.

Papon has tried rendering a fresh take to the song with a different style, and presented it as a duet with Pratibha Singh.

“Jagjit Singh and Chitra Singh have been one of the most loved duos of the ghazal genre. This is my way of celebrating their work and legacy. It was extremely creative and fulfilling to re-imagine the sonic ambience of the ghazal. The experience of creating it has been exciting and insightful. Pratibha has been a splendid co-singer,” says Papon.


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