Japanese PM to temporarily head Foreign Ministry

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Tokyo, Nov 4 : Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida said on Thursday that he would immediately begin implementing the previously announced political course and would personally head the country’s Foreign Ministry until the next government is approved, Kyodo News reported on Thursday.

“Since I have gained the people’s mandate through the general election, I now plan to speedily implement policies,” the agency quoted Kishida as saying.
The prime minister also reportedly announced his intention to double as foreign minister in case Toshimitsu Motegi, the country’s acting foreign minister, would be appointed to the post of secretary general of the ruling Liberal Democratic Party. Kishida will act as foreign minister until the composition of the new cabinet of ministers is approved, Kyodo News says.

According to Japanese media, Motegi will officially assume his new post on Thursday, replacing Akira Amari, who has occupied the position since September. Meanwhile, former Defence Minister Yoshimasa Hayashi is reported to be a possible new foreign minister.

Japanese parliament is expected to convene a special session on November 10 to elect the prime minister of Japan. Since the party represented by Kishida received over half of the parliamentary votes, the session will be just a formality.


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