Jayakwadi dam filled up above 82 percent

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Aurangabad, July 21 : The Jayakwadi dam in Maharashtra’s Marathwada region has crossed 82 percent live stock level of its full capacity by Thursday morning.

After the recent heavy rainfall in its catchment areas has resulted in the water from upstream dams in Nashik and Ahmednagar districts entering in to the dam and enabling it cross the 82 percent level, said Command Area Development Authority (CADA) in their reports.

Flooded water from this dam would be discharge through its main gates downstream after the dam fill upto 90 percent, they further said.
However,the authorities have said they would be releasing 1889 cuses water, including 1589 cuses through hydel project and 300 cuses through right canal for Majalgaon dam in Beed district .

According to reports, at 0600 hours on Thursday the dam level was at 82.86 percent with the inflow of 27,387 cusses per second of flood water.

The dam currently has stocks of 2536.868 MCUM water, including 1798.762 MCUM live storage in 1518 .70 feet and 462.900 meter, they added.


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