Jayakwadi dam increase releases of excess water

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Aurangabad, July 28 : The Irrigation Department authorities have continued discharging flood water up to 30,435 cuses per second into the downstream river Godavari from Jayakwadi dam on the fourth consecutive day here on Thursday.

According to the updated bulletin issued by the authorities at 0600 hours on Thursday stated that, at present due to the inflow of more than 20,000 cuses per second water into the dam from upstream dams has at present filled up the dam up to 91 percent of its full capacity .

On July 25 the authorities started releasing water, which has continued here on Thursday aswell.

The bulletin further stated that, water through 18 gates lifting to a height of 1.5 feet hight have been releasing 28,296 cuses per second of water, while 1589 cuses water has been released through Hydel project and 550 cuses through right canal for Majalgaon dam in Beed district Based on the inflow of water into the dam the authorities increase or decrease the release from time to time from the dam.

Due to the heavy discharge of flooded water in to river basin water has entered several river side villages in Jalna, Beed, Parbhani and Nanded districts of the region.

Administrations in these areas have issued alerts to the residents of the villages near the river not to venture around the bay of river.


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