Jennifer Aniston pays ode to ‘Friends’ character Rachel Green’s ‘iconic’ hair accessories

Los Angeles, May 12 : Actress Jennifer Aniston expressed her love for her ‘Friends’ character Rachel Green and her iconic hairstyles.

‘The Morning Show’ star, 55, took to Instagram along with her haircare brand and shared throwback photos of her hair styled with clips and hairbands throughout the different seasons of the popular show, which aired from 1994 to 2004, reports ‘People’ magazine.

The actress started off her Instagram carousel post with a shot of her hair in one of the earlier seasons of the show — when she also premiered her infamous signature Rachel haircut — styled in an updo with an unseen clip.

As per ‘People’, she also showed her hair styled in a half-up, half-down hairstyle and tied with a silver clip into a ponytail.

Additional snaps showed the actress with longer hair during the series, which was styled with at least three smaller clips that held her hair back and styled in a more complicated updo with a headband and a clip.

“The clips that caused a million trends. Shout out to Rachel Green and her iconic hair accessories,” she captioned the post.

In September 2023, the actress celebrated her brand’s second anniversary on Instagram with an adorable set of black-and-white photos that showed just how far the actress had come.

The first picture showed the actress as a two-year-old, crouched down and dressed in an adorable frilly outfit, while the second showed her in a promotional photo for the brand.

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