Jharkhand Cm Hemant Soren : CM holds meeting with Hospital Superintendents over rising Covid cases

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22/04/2021 Ranchi : The second wave of Covid is also seen in Jharkhand. Every day record numbers are getting infected. It is due to the rapid increase in the number of Covid-19 patients, many challenges have arisen in front of the government and private hospitals of the state.

According to the number of patients, the number of oxygen-rich beds, ventilators and oxygen cylinders is decreasing. In such a situation, Chief Minister Hemant Soren today deliberated with the Director and Superintendent of all medical colleges and representatives of private hospitals through video conferencing about how to provide better medical care to the patients with limited resources. . He also took suggestions from these hospitals along with information about the current system and needs of treating patients here. He said that in this time of crisis, take initiative in providing better medical facilities to the infected through better management.

The Chief Minister said that as the corona patients are increasing, in the market, there are frequent complaints about the shortage and black marketing of common medicines along with essential medicines related to it. He asked the Director of Drugs to ensure adequate availability of medicines being used in Corona. He said that stock verification of these medicines should also be done every week, so that the entire situation can be known. He told the representatives of the hospitals that there should not be an atmosphere of chaos in medicines, help to make people aware about it.

The Chief Minister asked medical colleges and private hospitals to tell Corona patients that not all medicines are necessary for everyone. Give them information about which medicines are better according to infection, which they can use. Apart from this, also tell them how the normally infected can be healthy by staying in isolation in their home. Today there is a need to clear the confusion among the people about Corona and you have an important role in it.

Soren said that the government is expanding medical resources to provide better medical facilities at the local level. He said that most of the coronas are getting infected in Ranchi, while on the other hand, patients are coming to Ranchi for better treatment than other districts. In such a situation, the pressure of patients in government and private hospitals here has increased significantly. Because of this, better health facilities are being expanded there by making circuits of districts.

He further added that there is no shortage of oxygen for medical use in the state, but due to refilling and lack of cylinders, there are some problems. In this direction, instructions have been given to increase the refilling center and supply of sufficient cylinders. He told that keeping in view the future needs, the capacity of cylinders is being expanded, so that the patients do not have any difficulty regarding oxygen. During this, the Director of Drugs told the Chief Minister that the Central Government has been made aware of the need of 17 thousand additional cylinders.

Directors and superintendents of medical colleges of the state and representatives of private hospitals informed the Chief Minister about the arrangements made by them for the treatment of corona infected. Apart from this, he also gave many important suggestions like Isolation center should be created for the infected, because in the second wave of corona, a person is becoming increasingly infected due to infection, due to which the risk of infection is increasing significantly. By keeping such infected in isolation centers, the spread of infection can be controlled to a great extent.

Advices also mentioned that private hospitals sought the government’s support to increase critical care beds, so that patients can get beds and better treatment facilities. The government should take fast steps in the direction of providing oxygen-rich beds and ventilators in hospitals, as it is not sufficient for the number of serious patients in the present situation. Its deficiency should be overcome. The number of patients in large hospitals of other cities including Ranchi is much higher according to their capacity. In such a situation, small hospitals should be made empowered by making them fully Covid hospitals or by providing medical resources in these hospitals, so that patients can get better treatment there as well.

Sumedha Chaudhury / Hindusthan Samachar

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