JP Nadda slams Cong over Exit Poll boycott, says ‘it shows party’s antipathy towards world’s largest democratic process’

New Delhi, May 31 : BJP President J.P. Nadda on Friday slammed the Congress’ decision to boycott Exit Poll debates slated for Saturday, saying that this indicates an unequivocal confirmation that it has conceded defeat ahead of the announcement of Lok Sabha election results on June 4.

With the seventh and final phase of polling concluding on Saturday, the Exit Polls conducted by several poll survey agencies and pollsters will be out by the evening, giving a ‘fair’ indication of what to expect on the counting day.

However, the Congress on Friday announced to give the Exit Poll debates a miss while dubbing the entire exercise as a “slugfest for TRPs”.

Objecting to Congress’ decision, the BJP chief said, “It is not surprising since the Congress usually opts out when it doesn’t expect the results to go in its favour, but has no compunction showing up if it thinks it has even an outside chance. Their hypocrisy is not lost on anyone. Let no one in Phase 7 waste their votes on them.”

He also said that by boycotting the Exit Poll exercise, Congress has sought to question the rigorous exercise carried out by several professional agencies that work day and night to compile the figures.

“It doesn’t behove India’s grand old party to behave like a child, whose toy has been taken away. One expects a certain level of maturity from the largest political party in the Opposition,” J.P. Nadda said in a post on X.

He also said that what is more disconcerting is Congress’ antipathy towards the largest democratic process in the world, which saw the participation of over 960 million aspirations.

“While Indians were electing their leader, who would lead them in the new world order, improve their lives, bring opportunities and prosperity, Congress was working assiduously to undermine the very institutional process on which rests our robust democracy’s foundations.

“Instead of focusing on winning the elections, Congress repeatedly approached the Supreme Court, making outrageous demands, to mutilate our well-established electoral process,” he said.

The BJP chief also slammed the grand old party over its whining on electoral losses and pinning the blame on ‘EVM tampering’ for electoral defeats.

“The Congress has no complaints about either the EVMs or the electoral process when it wins. Himachal and Telangana are recent examples. But it whines endlessly when it expects a rout,” Nadda said.

He also hit out at the ‘extended ecosystem’ and termed them inimical to India’s interests.

“Not just the Congress, but its extended ecosystem, who are inimical to India’s interest, too come together to create cacophony and make all attempts to undermine people’s faith in our institutions and processes.

“They stop at nothing. They target the Supreme Court, judges who do not deliver orders to their liking, attack journalists who refuse to be their cheerleaders, tarnish the Election Commission, and raise questions on the integrity of data and process,” he pointed out.

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