K-Rail will divide Kerala : Sreedharan alleges

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Palakkad, Jan 5 : ‘Metro Man’ Dr E Sreedharan on Wednesday came out against K-Rail Project alleging that it will divide Kerala.

The former DMRC Managing Director, in a release said, he had an interaction with selected invitees on the issue on Tuesday.

Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan stated that Kerala would not be divided by the K-Rail, as over bridges or under bridges will be provided every 500 metres.

Whereever K- Rail is on ground, on either side high concrete or masonry walls have to be provided to prevent trespass of people and animals – fencing will not do as it can be violated easily, he said.

Providing solid walls on either side is a sure environmental disaster as it will block natural drainage and will be an eye-sore as well, Dr Sreedharan opined.

The fate of Kuttanad which gets flooded easily will get repeated over the entire length of 393 km, where K-Rail is at ground level, he said.

Further, over 393 km about 800 Rail Over Bridges or Under Bridges (ROBs/RUBs) will have to be constructed.

“Each will cost at least about Rs 20 crore. That means a total cost of about Rs 16,000 crore. This cost has not been included in the present estimate.”

Further for 800 ROBs/RUBs a lot of additional land has to be acquired which has not been foreseen, the Metro Man said.

“The extra cost of land and time for acquisition has to be reckoned. It was also mentioned that DPR of major projects are not made public.”

“This is a total lie. I had prepared DPRs for at least 10 major projects and none of the DPRs was kept away from the public,” he clarified.

“Why should the Government fool the people by underestimating costs and hiding facts?,” Dr Sreedharan asked.


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