Karnataka : Two Muslim youths arrested for beheading threat

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Yadgir, Aug 10 : Karnataka police have arrested two Muslim youths for threatening to behead those who “insult” Prophet Muhammad.

The apprehended persons have been identified as Akbar Syed Bahadur Ali and Mohammad Ayaz who are natives of Yadgir.

The accused are seen saying in a video, gone viral on social media that they have been taught since childhood not to tolerate “insult” of Prophet Mohammad and to behead those who do so.

The accused also are seen reiterating AIMIM President Akabaruddin Owaisi “remove the police for 15 minutes and we will see who is more powerful” remark made in 2012.

The two Muslim youths went on to claim that “those who inflict atrocities on Muslims and target them can fly as high as they want in this world, but in Quran, it is mentioned that an infidel’s (Kafir) final destination is Jahannam (hell).”

CB Vedamurthy, SP, stated in a statement issued on Tuesday that the accused persons uploaded provocative content on social media inciting their community members.

A case has been registered under Sections 153 and 505/2 of the Indian Penal Code. Meanwhile, Karnataka police informed that the accused have been arrested and that further investigation is underway.

One of the accused, Akbar Syed, reportedly has an Instagram account with over 9,000 followers where he posts inflammatory videos.

Meanwhile, SP Vedamurthy stated that Akbar Syed worked for the Kohinoor Solar company, whereas Mohammad Ayaz owned a chicken shop.

As the said offensive and hateful videos went viral on social media, Hindu organisations including Hindu Jan Jagruthi Samithi urged police to file an FIR and arrest the two hatemongers.

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