‘Kashmir blood not for sale’: India-Pakistan romance series sparks row on Pakistani Twitter

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‘Dhoop Ki Deewar’ is a love story between an Indian man and a Pakistani woman, who are the children of rival soldiers who died in Kashmir

New Delhi: A Pakistani web series on a cross-border romance between an Indian boy and a Pakistani girl has found itself in the eye of a storm, with social media users in Pakistan labelling it as “unpatriotic” and calling for a ban.

The trailer of the series Dhoop Ki Deewar was released Wednesday and tells the tale of the children of rival soldiers who were killed in Kashmir.

The series stars Sajal Aly and Ahad Raza Mir and will release on Indian streaming platform Zee5 on 25 June

However, soon after the trailer’s release, the hashtag #Bandhoopkideewar began trending in Pakistan. According to Twitter users, the series monetises “blood of Kashmiris” and undermines the ‘Two Nation Theory’.

The makers of the web series, meanwhile, said that the show was approved by the Inter-Services Public Relations — the media and public relations wing of the Pakistani army.

“When I started working on Dhoop Ki Deewar in 2019, I sent the story to the Inter-Services Public Relations. I asked the team for its evaluation so that I would edit out anything objectionable in the story,” said writer Umera Ahmed in a statement on Facebook. Ahmed also wrote the popular Pakistani series Zindagi Gulzar Hai.

She said that the story was her own, which she had been writing as a novel but was later hired by a Pakistani firm, Group M, to make into a drama.

The writer also said that it is her right to initiate debate on contentious matters.

“I am thankful to all of you for supporting my principled stance, that it is the basic right of a writer to initiate debate on any important matter in their work,” she said in her statement.

‘Anti-Pakistani, undermines Two Nation Theory’
However, several social media users have severely criticised the series, calling it “anti-Pakistani” and dubbing the actors and makers as traitors.


Twitter users also said that the web series undermines the ‘Two Nation Theory’, which led to the birth of Pakistan, by implying that India and Pakistan are divided by war.

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