Kejriwal seeks confidence vote in Assembly

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New Delhi, Aug 26 : Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal submitted a notice of confidence motion in the Delhi Assembly on Friday, a day after he claimed that his government was stable.

“I want to bring a confidence motion in the House to prove before the public that BJP’s ‘Operation Lotus’ has become ‘Operation Keeched’ in Delhi,” he said.

The ruling Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) has accused the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) of offering Rs 20 crore to each AAP MLA to topple the Kejriwal-led government.

Taking note of Kejriwal’s proposal, Deputy Speaker Rakhi Birla said the motion it will be taken up on Monday. She adjourned the House till 11 am on Monday.

Kejriwal alleged that BJP had been following the pattern of a “serial killer” to topple elected governments of states held by other parties.

“A serial killer on the prowl. He committed six murders. By the same pattern. Tried another murder. With the same pattern. This time it failed,” he said.

“After looking at the mattress and pillow for 14 hours, the CBI did not even get the unaccounted ‘chawanni’ (25 paise). It has been seven-eight days, and I still don’t know what happened. The raid was a complete fake,” he added.

He said if you ask BJP MLAs what is the so-called scam, “they would not be able to tell you about it”.

He went on: “If you make their eight MLAs sit in different rooms and ask about the scam, five would not have known anything and would talk about three different scams.

“Because lies are different and truth is one, and the truth is that there is no scam,” said Kejriwal.


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