Kerala HC upholds I&B Ministry order revoking MediaOne’s license

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Kochi, Feb 8: Kerala High Court on Tuesday upheld the order of the Union Ministry of Information and Broadcasting revoking the license of MediaOne TV Channel, citing security reasons. Justice N Nagaresh, while rejecting the writ petition filed by Madhyamam Broadcasting Limited, running the channel to quash the order, said the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) has refused to renew the channel license after verifying intelligence inputs from various agencies. The MHA also accepted the findings of a Committee of Officers who refused to renew the license of the Channel citing security reasons, the Court observed.

Meanwhile, the MHA also informed the HC that the reason for revoking the license could not be revealed to the public due to security reasons. Earlier, in 2020, the Centre had imposed a 48-hour ban on the channel relating to its reporting of the Delhi riots. However, on December 29, 2021, the MHA denied security clearance and issued a show cause notice on January 5, 2022 seeking reasons for not closing the renewal request. Later, the Centre issued an order on January 31 barring the transmission of the channel forcing the company to file a petition challenging the Centre’s order. Following which, the Judge directed the MHA to submit all relevant documents before it on February 7.


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