Kerala High Court : Removal of PM’s photo from Covid vaccine certificate a dangerous proposition

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Kochi, Nov 3 : Kerala High Court has observed that a petition filed for the removal of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s photo from the Covid vaccine certificate is a dangerous proposition.

Justice N Nagaresh made the observation while considering a petition filed by Kottayam-based RTI activist and Senior Citizen Peter Myaliparambil on Tuesday.

“If someone moves court seeking removal of Mahatma Gandhi’s photograph from the currency notes, saying that it is their blood and sweat and they don’t want to see his face on it, and what will happen then ?,” the Judge commented.

“It is a dangerous proposition,” Justice Nagaresh opined.

Advocate Ajit Joy, who represented Peter Myaliparambil, submitted that carrying the photo of Mr Modi in the vaccination certificate was irrelevant affecting the Right To Privacy and violating the fundamental rights of citizens.

The photo creates an impression that it was a media campaign for Mr Modi, and fight against the pandemic is a one-man show.

The advocate also submitted that the photo of Mahatma Gandhi was printed on currency notes as per the RBI regulations. But, no such statutory provision was followed in the case of the Prime Minister, he added.

The petitioner filed the petition after he received a “paid” COVID-19 vaccination from a private hospital. Later, he got the vaccination certificate with the photo of Modi along with a message.

Claiming that he has certain rights on the “private space” in the certificate, he argued that he may be issued with a certificate without the image of the Prime Minister alleging violation of his fundamental rights.

The petitioner also pointed out that the PM’s photo was removed from the COVID vaccine certificate during the previous elections in some States by the Election Commission.

However, the hearing of the case was adjourned till November 23 after the Centre sought more time to file an affidavit mentioning their stance.


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