KFC emerging as ‘Financial Super Market’: Kerala Finance Minister KN Balagopal

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Thiruvananthapuram, Dec 3 : The Kerala Financial Corporation (KFC) has emerged as a ‘Financial Super Market,’ giving its customers a wide range of products and services, State Finance Minister KN Balagopal said on Friday.

“KFC is one of the best State

Financial Corporations in the country. I am happy to see that KFC has revamped its policies and procedures and also reduced interest rates to support MSMEs during this pandemic time,” the Minister said in a statement here.

KFC is a trend setter in the field of long-term finance, playing a major role in the development and industrialisation of Kerala, he added.

“KFC has designed different financial products to suit the present time. We are going through a difficult time in human history, collectively we will face and tide over this crisis period. I hope all the employees, customers and stakeholders of KFC will strive for the developmental needs of our state,” the Minister said.

“As an ISO Certified Government Organisation, KFC continues with its role in supporting MSMEs and Startups, which will, in turn, provide employment and keep the economy growing,” KFC Chairman and MD Sanjay Kaul said.

“With new loan schemes like, MSME Bill Discounting, CMEDP loans at five per cent and special loans to units located at Industrial Estates, we are set to provide a full package to MSMEs at low-interest rates and easy terms,” Sanjay Kaul added.

“On 68th KFC Day on December 1, I wish the employees, customers and stakeholders of KFC all success and progress,” Kaul tweeted.


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